short-form video & Stop motion

Get ready to wow your customers with content that will leave them talking! Let me help you create compelling and memorable visuals for your online presence and social media with stop-motion animation, video clips, or still images. I'll craft something unique for long-lasting impressions.


Vegan Gluten-free Cupcake

Stop motion

Empress 1908 Gin Lavender Elderflower Gin Sour with music.

Stop motion

A box of chocolates with music.

Stop motion

Pouring maple syrup on homemade sourdough buckwheat pancakes.

Stop motion

Cranberry Mocktails.

Stop motion

Steaming cup - coffee or tea?

Stop motion

Pouring red wine syrup on poached pear.

Side view of Empress 1908 Gin Lavender Elderflower Gin Sour_Emily Miller_Beverage Photography_Tucson Arizona_USA

Empress 1908 Gin

Emily is a pleasure to work with. She went above and beyond with our partnership and created stunning, high-quality content for our brand.