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Emily Miller



As a food photographer based in Tucson, Arizona, my work is driven by a deep love for both food and photography. I am a passionate and experienced photographer who loves capturing the beauty and essence of food and beverage.

I specialize in commercial and editorial photography, and my work has been recognized with several awards. Through my lens, I showcase the irresistible appeal of culinary creations, making them look even more delicious and tempting.

I grew up in Canada, moved to the USA for a career move, and have always been interested in the visual arts. Years ago, I started taking food photos with a camera to document the food I made for a cooking class.

My journey from nursing to photography is a testament to the power of following your passions. I've always been captivated by food and photography, but it was a surprise to me that these two passions would eventually lead me to a new career path, after years of nursing experience and a BSN degree.

I met my husband Brian here in Tucson. We live with our three adorable cats. When I'm not behind the camera or in my studio, you'll find me in the kitchen, baking sourdough, hiking local trails, playing with our cats, or chasing the Milky Way.

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Bubbies Fine Foods, Cakebread Cellars, Caposaldo, Empress 1908 Gin, Iron Side Cellars, Mezzacorona, Poema Cava, Rebellious Wine, Valley Fig Growers

Tear Sheets

Tear Sheet of Poached Pears in Red Wine from InPickleball Magazine_Emily Miller_Food Photographer_Arizona_USA

Featured in InPickleball Magazine, March 2022

Personal Project

I've always been fascinated by the vastness of the night sky and the beauty of landscapes. So, I decided to explore it a bit by venturing out at night with my camera, and I must say, I love it.

The other night, at midnight, my husband and I drove up the mountain, chasing the Milky Way, to get to darker skies near Tucson on Mount Lemmon, AZ.

The thrill of the Milky Way in the southern sky, the anticipation of capturing the perfect shot, it was all so exhilarating.

It was incredible to see the glittering canopy of stars in the sky above us that weren't visible in the city.

Despite the cold, biting wind, I found myself compelled to capture this stunning image of the Milky Way in the dead of night. Could this be the start of a new photography obsession?

Milky Way Mount Lemmon_Emily Miller_Photographer_Tucson AZ_USA


It has been a pleasure to work with Emily on our food-oriented photo projects. We have found Emily to be a natural when it comes to arranging and setting up nice shots. Her work behind the lens is terrific and her attention to detail is focused.

She always puts care into helping us create the right feeling for our brand. Emily has been timely, flexible and easy to work with. - AF


Emily is professional, flexible, and consistent in her work. She takes the time to understand our brand's goals for each project and creates stunning content each time. It's always a joy to work with Emily! - CC


Working with Emily has been a wonderful experience. As a boutique marketing agency, we carefully select those we do business with, and it has been a pleasure. Emily's recipe development and the photography of that work were magazine-worthy.

Emily provided unique yet relatable recipe ideas that catered to our client's goals. She met deadlines; and was communicative and professional. I recommend working with Emily for any photography or recipe development needs. - DRM